Kingsley - WA, 6026.
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The 2011 Censis reports:
6401 - Males
6817 - Females
13218 - Total Population
$ 1842 - Monthly Mortgage (avg)
$ 707 - Income per week (avg)
$ 360 - Rent per week (avg)
$ 2030 - Family income per week (avg)
$ 1725 - Total House Hold income week (avg)
2.7 - People Per House (avg)
1 - People Per Bedroom (avg)
-31.809099 - Latitude
115.788898 - Longitude

Places that have post code: 6026
Kingsley WA 6026
Woodvale WA 6026
Kingsley WA 6026
Woodvale WA 6026

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Customer Testimonial

I just wanted to thank you on your services. It was a true pleasure ordering from you. I had a question and your staff was very kind to answer as quickly as possible. I did not see the roses that I ordered but the recipient thanked me for them and told me they were some of the prettiest roses she had ever seen. She also told me that they lasted a very long time. Thank you, again. I will tell everyone about you!

Jeff Sheldman

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